Innovators, or so they think!

I find it interesting that so many developers think that innovation is defined by this scenario:

I’m bored of using ‘x’ as a variable. We’ve been using it for a long time and even though it works, I just think it isn’t innovative enough. From here on out I’m going to use ‘y’! Oh man, that is so cool – everyone is blogging, Twittering and talking about it, yes ‘y’ is so much better than ‘x’ because it does the same thing but abstracted out to the next level. Yes, ‘y’ is so cool because it is so much closer to ‘z’. Oh man, I can’t wait for ‘z’ to come out next year!

Exhibit A - The new wheel!
Exhibit A - The new wheel!

Unfortunately so many developers waste their time eating up the scraps of Microsoft and other companies and they really believe that because they are keeping up-to-date with those companies that they are some how more innovative and smarter than other developers. I’d like to say, NEWS FLASH! Most of those big companies are copying versions of the really cool and innovative applications or ideas that small companies and really good developers have already created.

These self-appointed innovators think that by following bigger sheep they are some how not sheep themselves? I laugh at those silly dopes that believe they are innovating. They can build giant frameworks, abstracted to the nth degree of level of 56 classes, 41 interfaces and all the powers of Grayskull. And then using a simple performance test, you find out that it takes 900+ data calls to build the entrance screen. Wow, aren’t you so proud that you reinvented the wheel and did all that work? Don’t you think you can hold your head up high and talk down to other developers that just don’t follow the innovative idea of creating such wonderful creations! At least it ain’t ‘x’!

Maybe you innovative folks are right. Perhaps I’m too old fashion and thought ‘x’ was working fine so I didn’t want to change it. Except that if in your haste you would have taken time to actually “learn” how ‘x’ worked you would realized that ‘x’ was working better than ‘y’ and really was more in line with how ‘z’ works! Instead you pushed to implement ‘y’ and now it sits there so cool because it’s up-to-date, but performing worse than ‘x’ – you’re so smart. Whaaat… you mean that sometimes Microsofts releases a coding pattern that doesn’t makes sense? Then they realize that they have misguided those wanna be innovators and role out a new version that really is just a fancy ‘x’. Hypocrisy!

To all of you that believe you are innovating something, pat yourself on the back for really believing that you are good developer. Besides, your Microsoft certification says so!

One question, did you get trophies for 5th place as a kid?

Pelicans on the surface of the ocean with a fart bubble about to pop!
I'm so unimpressed.

I’ll come full circle and just add another thought about the kind of development I’ve seen and watch others fall into. Remember the scene in Finding Nemo where the undersea mines explode and then at the surface you see two pelicans and one little bubble pops up. “Nice!” and the other pelican flys away. That is how I liken all the extraneous coding super architecting of applications that really only need to show a picture and text. In the end, no one cares if it stinks!


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