New LinkedIn iPhone App – Usability Upgrade

I downloaded the new LinkedIn interface this morning to be surprised at the new interface that they have implemented. Moving away from the iOS style icons and inventing a better mobile app. They have reduced all initial options for users and moved the infrequent categories to sub-levels! Now you get four categories: Updates, You, Inbox and Groups & More.

I’m sure LinkedIn used traffic patterns to identify these groups and sadly we are in a society where people frequently check the “You” category more than they will admit. The “You” icon even appears as a badge, to give you that conference style warm and fuzzy feeling.

The addition of animations when you click a category or close one is a nice touch. The application seems very responsive to touch and visually appealing. Clicking into the “Updates” category the “Top News” reads like a typical blog or news feed on a mobile device, but attention was given to headline colors, boldness and the “Hot Right Now” feature. Social engagement with the news articles has also improved, as well as commenting on articles.

Overall, the new interface is a fresh mobile design with user experience kept at the forefront. I applaud LinkedIn’s application update and hope that you enjoy this interface for awhile. Now watch to see how many copy-cats jump on this design bandwagon. Download the app and see for yourself! And don’t forget to check your profile out!

LinkedIn Initial Home Screen
LinkedIn Initial Screen
Keith Kmett Profile on LinkedIn
We are obsessed with ourselves!
LinkedIn Today iPhone View
LinkedIn Today iPhone View

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