Photographers Flocking to Google+

PhotographerMy observation has been that a lot of people that have added me to their circles are photographers. I’m curious to know what percentage of Google+ users are claiming photography as their job? I am not a photographer, so I am also puzzled why so many of them want to follow me?

Based on my own educated guess, I can presume that photographers may be rushing to Google+ because of the photo gallery capability. In comparison to Facebook

  • Managing your photos is easier – using Picasa, even for amateur photographers.
  • The photo viewer in Google+ is more attractive to photographers, especially after Facebook went to that unusable photo viewer.

If any one has any statistics or information on this phenomenon, please share!




2 thoughts on “Photographers Flocking to Google+

  1. There is great reason for photographers to flock to Google +. Not only can they display their images, but with all the social attention, available Google tools and the ability to make connections, Google+ is a photographers haven.

    I haven’t done photography for several years now, but with the many open avenues and capabilities of Google+, I just might.

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