Twylah – Organize your Twitter feed

I recently discovered this beta service called Twylah. I heard that it would do cool things with my Twitter stream, so I signed up. Today I received my invite and was really impressed with how they organized the content from my Twitter feed. Categories across the top (3 of which I can “pin”) and easy to read articles. Even a link to a PDF appeared in the Chrome PDF viewer within their content box.

I see a great potential for helping some clients share their marketing information with their users in a new way. It also means helping them really organize (more content strategy) their tweets in order to give the users a better experience on Twylah.

I’ve seen and used other “news” publishing applications/services such as and others, but I haven’t been really impressed with them. I like the fact that Twylah identifies my topics/trends and will help me know what other Twitter folks are about just by looking at their categories and determining if I “really” want to follow them. Could be more valuable than Klout!

Take a look at my Twylah page:

Twylah screen capture

What do you think?


One thought on “Twylah – Organize your Twitter feed

  1. I’ve been using Twylah to aggregate my tweets for some time now and I’m impressed. The three pinned topics allow you to shine your professional (or other) expertise/top interest, and the service does a good job of organizing the rest as well.

    The only problem I see is that the same tweets often appear in 2 or 3 categories. It’s beta, I know — maybe there’s a double tweet elimination system coming up.

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