Google Analytics v5 – New Interface still has usability issues

I made the effort to change to the new Google Analytics interface a few weeks ago. For the most part it seemed more intuitive to navigate and find the profiles I want to see. There are some quirks and new options to learn, but for the most part I’m getting through “change.” That is until today.

I needed to add a user to an existing client profile. No problem, I remember how to navigate to there in the new interface.

Step 1. Find the website profile: Check!

Step 2. Go to the gear symbol and get my website profile settings: Check!

Step 3. Scan the website profile settings page for a “Users” link, there it is: Check!

Step 4. Add a “New User” – well I thought I hit it – it’s the one on the far right, right? Wrong!

Adding a "New User" can be hazardous if you don't read the buttons carefully.

What I found is this: Adding a “New User” can be hazardous if you don’t read the buttons carefully.

I hit the most obvious button in my field of vision and it wasn’t “+ New User” it was “+ New Profile” which isn’t a “New User Profile” but a new website profile within Google Analytics. Between name confusion and having the “+New User” button color nearly identical to the grey bar it is on, I fell victim to poor user interface design.

When was the last time that poor usability made you a victim?


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