Thoughts behind Google+ Pages and how they could be improved to be Facebook page killers!

Since the release of Google+ Pages people have had heated debates and rants about, “Does your company need to setup a Google+ Page?” or “Why did Google release something unfinished?”

Regardless of their opinions, Google+ Pages have arrived and are not going away anytime soon.

To answer the first debate, “Does your company need to setup a Google+ Page?” The answer is a definitive, YES! As a digital strategist I have recommend all my clients setup their G+ Pages, even if they aren’t going to utilize them immediately, to prevent squatters from laying claim on their brands. If you have content you want to share, then share it, but have your G+ Page established.

Now for the next question…

“Why did Google release something unfinished?”

It really should come as no surprise that Google release something new and is making changes based on user-centered analysis and iterative design. Sure Google+ Pages are lacking functionality that Facebook pages have, but those features will hopefully be implemented soon. More on that later…

How long did we look at this BETA icon in our Gmail before the beta dropped? How many turned the “beta” back before the design change dropped it from Google Labs?

Gmail Beta Logo

Had Google+ and Google+ Pages been released as betas, would people be complaining as much? Maybe someone should have thought that one through Google+ team?

What’s missing right now?

Finally, the purpose of my post is to showcase two features that I believe were really missed that businesses could really benefit from. The first feature is one that many Google+ users and critics have mentioned, multiple managers.

Google Plus Page Managers

Would it really be that difficult to implement? Facebook pages have this functionality and many businesses need to have a team managing social media applications. What if the person who setup the page is out on vacation? This feature needs to be fast tracked in the Agile circle in the Google+ circle.

The second feature that would be ideal for marketers and businesses alike is a way to allow users to segment themselves into Google+ Circles. Let’s call it, Circle Joining.

Google Plus Page Circles

Currently, the Google+ Page user functionality is identical to when a user “Likes” a page in Facebook. What a waste of Circles! Why not allow users to say, “I am an employee” of this company or “I am a customer” and so on, Circle Joining! Google+ Page administrators would be able to select which Circles users can “join” to follow that Page in their stream. Businesses would then be able to push relevant content to users in their stream! A true marketing utopia and a total Facebook page killer in my opinion.

Other features would include more customization of page branding and advertisement banner placements, but I’m sure those are already in the works.

So to the Google+ team, great effort! The Google+ Page beta launch is nice, but push out a bit more please!


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