Who are you marketing to exactly?

I get the feeling that for company that is scoring my personal online brand, Klout doesn’t know “me” very well. Aside from the roller-coaster scores that appear on my account, it’s the email offers that really confuse me. Take a look at this example:

Klout News Offer - Doesn't have any meaning to me, personally.

I think it’s cool that they are expanding their international efforts and helping Airbnb celebrate in the UK, but let me geo-locate myself. Nope, I’m not in the UK. I’m in the Heartland of the United States, Iowa to be exact. Maybe the campaign is trying to make me aware that Klout offers more incentives out of the US, but when the headline reads “Treat Yourself with a £50 Travel Voucher from Airbnb” – I immediately focus on the £50 and think, “Did we switch currencies?” If only I read my email thoroughly, maybe I wouldn’t have this confusion? Last I checked most people scan when they read, especially email offers.

The user experience and marketing strategy wasn’t thought through very well. Simple segmentation could have been applied to make sure that an offer that I would actually be interested would be sent to my inbox. Either my connections with user experience folks in the UK have put me in the European segment or Klout doesn’t know me at all!

Another great example of how important it is for you to know your users.


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