RSS just got competitive with the demise of Google Reader

Now that Google Reader is leaving us, the competition for your RSS feeds is just ramping up! This post is about my thoughts around the Google change and a request for my favorite news reader to date: Zite.

Everyone keeps wondering why Google is dropping support for reader? Any business savvy person will tell you, “There is no money in the RSS market.” Ultimately products that a company produces have to make money, right?

My observation is Google is rethinking their customer experience strategy and focusing on smarter touchpoints to drive revenue. It will be interesting to see if they come up with a way to import Reader into Google+ or just let it die entirely.

I am not going to give you another list of RSS readers to figure out, instead I wanted to ask my buddies at Zite some questions about their next strategic move and give them some advice.

  1. Does Zite store all my current linked RSS feeds? Looks like I found some answers on the official Zite blog.
  2. Will I ever be able to manage my RSS feeds within Zite?
  3. Is their a desktop version coming?
  4. If you are going to compete with other readers, you better get Buffer App integrated ASAP! Don’t make me ask again, please.

That is all I have for now. Hopefully Zite keeps serving up great content for its users and doesn’t change like Google Reader. In fact, I would pay Zite $0.99 for that!


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