Planning ahead works in Facebook, but not in LinkedIn


I have accepted a new role as Customer Experience Assistant Director – Latin America with The Principal Financial Group® that begins on March 1st, 2014.

I wanted to schedule sharing this announcement on certain social media, but to my dismay LinkedIn fails at the user experience of accomplishing this task.

When I attempted to update my LinkedIn by adding a new position, I was confronted with an error that frustrated me, “Please enter a date no later than this month.” If I do that, I won’t be sharing the information I desire. Therefore, I was forced to:

  • Choose January and misinform my network connections of the wrong start date.
  • Indicate that “I currently work here” – which isn’t true, yet.
  • Put in the description the real start date and hope my network connections read that.

Edit Profile LinkedIn

I was pleasantly surprised that Facebook handled this task in a much different manner. Rather than forcing users to misinform their followers, they actually anticipate their users to “plan ahead.” It was a delightful experience that I did not expect, since they don’t focus on job positions – or so I thought!

Facebook Job Position Interface

This is what I fully expected from LinkedIn, “I will work here in the future.” The job change won’t be published until I start work and I’m okay with that.

Why isn’t LinkedIn anticipating their user needs like Facebook?

I think there is a missed opportunity here for LinkedIn to really understand their user needs and predict how they convey information to their network connections.

What do you think?


One thought on “Planning ahead works in Facebook, but not in LinkedIn

  1. I stayed up all night till the first of the month to make the update and it still did not work (it is now 1:32 am and I still get the same error). It is as if the server is sitting somewhere in the past. LinkedIn YOU are in the past!

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