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A useful journey mapping tool

It has been one year since I started migrating into the customer experience (CX) field from the UX world, as well as moving to Chile to work in Latin America – both big changes! One of my goals is to have a standard way of creating and communicating customer journeys. I want to be careful not to limit creativity, but allow the business to compare journeys from all our Latam companies and find synergies in solutions to similar problems. In order to do that I needed to find a tool that allowed the CX teams to create their maps that didn’t cost a lot and would be easy-to-use. I evaluated a lot of solutions and had a recommendation that was fairly cheap, then a few months ago CJM Online popped up and I am geeking out!

What do I like about the CJM Online? Briefly:

  • Simple layout
  • Intuitive interface
  • Guides and help – they give you examples to help you through your map
  • Flexibility – Add/delete columns or rows and give your map the purpose you want
  • You can’t complain about the price: FREE!

Since I have started using the tool, journey mapping sessions with the business are evolving into less fumbling with markers and Post-Its and more focus on the persona and their journey. It guides the discussion with the features it offers and best of all when the journey mapping session is over the participants get a PDF delivered to their inbox to review and validate with others.

Using the traditional journey mapping tools still are a good way to make sure you get participation, but typically it takes a lot of time to get that information transformed into a map that the business can start using. After using CJM Online, the participants are excited to see the map take shape and appear to be more involved than when I used the Post-Its. My humble observation is that using a simple tool like CJM Online has changed the journey mapping exercise into a new experience that the business is excited about and it shows the results faster in a consistent manner. Win-win!

What are you waiting for? Stop sniffing your markers and getting Post-It papercuts and get mapping!


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